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Written by James Hawkins
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Common Solar Myths | Edward | 11:34pm | 24.08.12

What are some common myths and misconceptions regarding solar panels? Find out here, and do let us know if you've got any furhter ideas for us to add!

Will Solar Reach Grid Parity? | Edward | 16:23pm | 11.08.12

Solar panels are certainly getting cheaper and cheaper. The thing is, will they ever drop in cost enough to reach grid parity?

EU Carbon Scheme may be Ignored for US Flights | James | 14:10pm | 01.08.12

The Senate have this week cleared the way for a bill making it illegal for US carriers to pay new EU carbon emissions taxes. This may sound like terrible news for the environment, but read on to find out why it may be best.

Effect of Solar Panels on Your House Value | Edward | 09:30am | 24.07.12

A question many of our customers have is "what will the effect of solar panels be on the value of my property if I come to sell it?" We aim to go through all the points - the answer isn't totally clear, but this should provide some helpful thoughts for people potentially interested in solar panels.

August FIT Changes | James | 12:22pm | 19.07.12

So the Feed in Tariff is due to fall at the start of August, but we've seen far less of an awareness, and therefore much less of a drop in demand, for homeowners getting quotes for solar panels. Why might this have been? Read our blog entry for this week..

Stop Dash for Gas | James | 17:41pm | 02.07.12

The Committee for Climate Change has given a warning to Members of Parliament this week that strong support for increasing numbers of gas-fired power stations could be very dangerous for the environment in the long run, and could mean that the UK will miss its emissions targets because power generation will not be based on as high a percentage of low-carbon sources.

No Clouds for Solar's Future | James | 16:39pm | 15.06.12

A new study has just taken place into the precise effects of clouds on solar panels' output. Find out about it here - will solar be a viable way of generating power for this reason?

World Solar Incentives | Edward | 11:43am | 14.06.12

A quick comparison of where's hot, and where's not, if you're planning to benefit from solar panels in different locations around the world.

Guest Blog: Micro or Central Inverters? | Mathias | 14:16pm | 17.05.12

An awesome technical article on a common question - should you go for micro inverters or central inverters? What even do these words mean? Mathias, one of our favourite guest posters, reveals all in this extensive guide!

UK Solar Industry | James | 22:38pm | 08.05.12

Shocking news this week has lead to us to write a reaction from within the UK solar market. What is happening to the industry and does the future look bleak? We don't think so.

Guest Blog: How Green is Solar? | Alan (different to Allan from before!) | 13:08pm | 01.05.12

This week's guest blog was very kindly written for us by Alan - a new report has just been released, analysing how green solar panels actually are. Have a read!

Hidden Nuclear Subsidies | James | 16:28pm | 23.04.12

The UK government has recently leaked a document showing that an effective subsidy may be introduced to provide financial incentives for nuclear power companies, despite electoral promises made during the run up to the formation of the coalition.

Solar 3D Doubles Efficiency | Mathias | 14:48pm | 17.04.12

Guest author Mathias has just sent us another post on the latest technology - 3D solar which can double the efficiency of currently exisiting systems. When will we see them coming into every day use? Leave a comment!

Sunny Schools | James | 11:46pm | 13.04.12

We've already covered the Solar Sister charity, so part two in this series is Sunny Schools - find out what they do, and how you can help them!

Growth in UK Solar Power | Mathias | 8:49pm | 28.03.12

Guest post from Mathias, an engineering student, explaining why there has been so much growth in the UK solar power industry. Have a read through his article and see what you think!

Gadget Energy Use | Sarah | 2:11pm | 22.03.12

Today's post is from Sarah, who works in our office usually dealing with customer enquiries over the phone. She's had a look at five gadgets you'll find in nearly any home, and which you'll find are a serious drain not only of energy, but of your savings!

Getting the Most out of Solar Panels | Allan | 12:35pm | 07.03.12

Solar panels are known for being a "fit and forget" technology. However, just a few minutes of research and a couple of tiny lifestyle changes can mean you really get the best performance out of your lovely new investment.

EPC for Solar Panels | James | 6:20pm | 02.03.12

For new installations of solar panels from April 1st 2012, and EPC grade D will be required in order for the panels to receive the higher Feed In Tariff rate. Find out all the information on this process here...

Chemicals In Solar Panels | James | 3:23pm | 21.02.12

Whilst a set of solar panels can save over 1,000kg a year in carbon emissions for just a household size system, their production process isn't without its environmental harm. This is a summary of the potential chemicals used in the manufacturing process of solar panels, and their harmful effecs if they're released into the environment.

Guest Blog: Solar Home Insurance | Oliver | 1:26pm | 10.02.12

Many people don't consider what effect the installation of solar panels could have on their home insurance. This short article written by discusses the possible difference it could make to your premiums. Thanks to Oliver for sending it across.

Getting Snow Off Solar Panels | James | 10:34am | 06.02.12

A bit of seasonal advice on how to get that snow off your solar panels. Factoid: it'll cost £5 every day, approximately, in lost FIT earnings that your solar panels are sitting there but covered in snow.

What is going on with FIT? | James | 1:29pm | 02.02.12

The Feed In Tariff has been in the news constantly - what is going on with it at the moment? Read our synopsis of the current situation, written so it's easy to understand!

Guest Blog: Phone Carbon Savings | Amber | 18:11pm | 27.01.12

This is a guest blog from Amber about how phone usage has skyrocketed, but so have the environmental costs. You can earn a lot of money, and take a big cut out of your carbon footprint by getting your phone recycled.

Solar Sister | James | 10:40pm | 24.01.12

Solar Sister is a charity based on bringing solar light to women in Africa. They provide education and training to start women up in business, selling solar powered lights. 1.6 billion people across the World live without any electricity, and collecting fuel is a hard task, and it means that children do not have time to study to break the poverty cycle. Each light means a school child can get an education.

FIT Cuts will Cost Money | James | 2:32pm | 06.01.12

A new study reveals that cutting the Feed In Tariff as a cost saving measure will actually do quite the opposite through reduced jobs, less income tax and less VAT. Find out more in this article on the FIT.

Cost of Renewable Energy | James | 11:08am | 29.12.11

The Department of Energy and Climate Change have just released an open source model for predicting the costs of the UK meeting its legally-binding carbon emissions targets by 2050, and at an estimated £5,000 in annual expenditure per household, what will we get for our money?

Solar Panels Petition | James | 2:36pm | 13.12.11

We MUST have more clarity from the government in terms of how the Feed In Tariff will operate. Sign our petition to support this suggestion - clear rules for numbers of installations and the FIT rate must be established beforehand for greater stability.

DIY Solar Interview | James and Scott | 11:08am | 12.12.11

A lot of people would never consider DIY solar panels. However, as with many things, it is really simple once you do a bit of research. This is an interview with Scott Davis, a guy who decided to do just this and to help others in setting up their own solar projects.

Solar Panels Santa | James | 8:31pm | 09.12.11

Santa is coming, it's an undisputable fact. However, what is the likely environmental toll of his visit?

FIT Solar Panel Cuts Damage | James | 3:35pm | 05.12.11

What will the extent of the cuts to the Feed In Tariff be? This is an infographic showing how the industry may be left struggling.

Solar Still A Good Return? | Guest: Allan | 2:32pm | 02.12.11

Guest blog entry: Are solar panels still going to be a good investment after the FIT changes? Find out here.

2011 Solar Panels Review | James | 3:31pm | 16.11.11

2011 is the year in which solar panels and solar power generation really took off. See our seasonal guide to developments in the industry this year.

FIT Changes | James | 12:57pm | 14.11.11

See our infographic of how the FIT has been introduced, along with all all of the latest updates.

Business Green Tips | James | 5:57pm | 11.11.11

Work your way through our list of ideas to make your business greener. What could you do to cut your carbon emissions?

Could Peer Pressure Save the World? | James | 4:01pm | 10.11.11

Peer pressure is very typicall associated with negative side effects - binge drinking and so on. Could it increase solar adoption?

Environmentally Friendly Ferrari | James | 6:00pm | 08.11.11

Supercars are a typical example of something that's terrible for the environment. However, how can you drive a Ferrari and save the world?

Solar Panels Game | James | 6:25pm | 02.11.11

This is a not-quite finished solar panels game... I thought some solar industry people may want something to cheer themselves up!

FIT Fall Effects | James | 11:08am | 31.10.11

As per the previous post, the FIT may be about to take a tumble. What would the potential effects be for the solar industry in the UK and abroad?

FIT Leaked Document | James | 12:21pm | 28.10.11

The Energy Saving Trust mistakenly leaked a document on their website listing potential, and dramatic, changes to the Feed In Tariff. See it here.

Renewable Business Problems | James | 15:05pm | 25.10.11

Under government schemes like the Feed in Tariff, solar companies have flourished. Could they die by the same sword?

The Green Deal | James | 10:45pm | 19.10.11

With the Green Deal set to launch in 2012, we thought a heads up may be useful. What is it and how could it benefit you?

Electric Cars - Will They Catch On? | James | 5:45pm | 16.10.11

Will electric cars ever catch on in the UK? Recently released plans show thousands of charging points by 2013.

The UK Seems To Be Less Green | James | 3:22pm | 14.10.11

David Cameron announced that the coalition government would be one of the greenest ever, but does policy say otherwise?

World's Largest Solar Power Bridge | James | 11:42pm | 10.10.11

A massive investment has just been made in central London to install the World's largest bridge with solar panels. Have a look!

Osbourne Weakens Green Stance | James | 12:44pm | 04.10.11

During the Conservative party conference in Manchester last weekend, the Chancellor has suddenly shown a lack of confidence in green policy.

Guest Blog: Unusual Energy Savings | Dan | 12:46pm | 29.09.11

Today's guest blog entry is from Dan on ways to save energy that you probably won't have considered before.

Does Solar have an Impact? | James | 11:06am | 27.09.11

After all of the various incentives being introduced for solar power and renewable energy, what is the impact on our everyday energy use?

Huhne to Get Tough on the Big Six | James | 2:04pm | 20.09.11

Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, has just announced measures at this week's Lib Dem conference to get tough on mis-leading energy companies.

Guest Blog: Solar Panels Hit Windsor | Steve | 4:04pm | 19.09.11

Cutting edge technology is about to mix with a bastion of tradition. Solar panels are to be built on Windsor Castle.

Infra Red Solar Panels - Light at Night | James | 2:05pm | 12.09.11

Visible light is not the only type of solar energy that could be harnessed for solar power. Infra red radiation is given off by anything warm. Could it be harnessed?

Max Planck & Solar Panels | James | 5:56pm | 04.09.11

Not only did he have an amazing name, but Max Planck was the scientist behind some amazing theories, including how solar panels really work. This is a brief look at what he did, and how solar power systems operate.

Guest Blog: Limits of Solar Power | Sam | 2:45pm | 30.08.11

This is a guest blog by Sam Haskell, as part of his project to write 100 blog entries in 100 days. This entry is very different to most posted here - it is on the maximum amount of energy that can be extracted from a star by solar panels.

Are Solar Panels the Ultimate Renewable Weapon? | James | 12:55pm | 26.08.11

Friday's special - how great a weapon are solar panels? They've featured in James Bond, and they've featured on a lot of roofs, but can solar panels be of serious military use?

Solar Panels and Cars | James | 11:23am | 24.08.11

Friday's special - how great a weapon are solar panels? They've featured in James Bond, and they've featured on a lot of roofs, but can solar panels be of serious military use?

Solar Power can Harm the Environment | James | 4:24pm | 12.08.11

It seems unintuitive, but there are concerns that solar panels may harm the environment; increasingly limited government resources are being directed into solar energy.

Green is the new Black - Solar Celebs | James | 10:29pm | 08.08.11

A sure sign that something is becoming cool, is that something appearing alongside Hollywood stars. Solar panels, it seems, are becoming a part of our (high) society.

Solar Panels Success in Dragons' Den | James | 12:55pm | 01.08.11

A programme known for its hostility towards poorly thought out ideas, testament born by the swiftness of the departure of its many contestants, except for one solar company.

Top 4 Tips to Trim Emissions | James | 1:20pm | 26.07.11

We all get nagged endlessly by government posters and TV adverts to try to be as careful as possible to reduce emissions. What are the 4 best ways that might actually get us somewhere?

British Gas want to Help Us Save Money? | James | 8:30am | 20.07.11

Newspapers have been packed recently with headlines declaring that energy prices are soaring upwards faster than any NASA mission, so British Gas have launched a new Green Deal to help consumers, apparently.

Fat People are Bad for the Environment | James | 4:02pm | 14.07.11

Being obese is bad for your health - you're at greater risk of heart attacks, diabetes and a range of other problems. However, studies have shown that being obese is bad for the environment too.

Daily Fail - Solar Panels Lies | James | 4:38pm | 12.07.11

The press this week has been rife with negative press towards solar panels. We take a look at a particularly sensationalist article in the Daily Maily in their money section to see if any of it's true.

Solar Panels - the best way to save the environment, from your couch | James | 07:52am | 07.07.11

So, you've got love-handles, you don't like leaving the sofa, but you do care about the environment. If there's a lot of global warming, you'll sweat even more. Solar panels are just for you...

What does the future hold for Solar Panels? | James | 03:37pm | 06.07.11

The efficiency of solar panels is constantly improving, making them continuously more and more attractive as an investment and/or as a way of helping cut carbon emissions...