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British Gas - Helping Us Save Money, Apparently

British Gas has a new "Green Deal" - a way for us to "cut your bills and make your home energy efficient at no upfront cost!" What a great opportunity to save the World, and your wallet.

The media has been chock-a-block with reports of energy bills rocketing skywards recently. Chris Huhne, Energy Secretary, said otherwise in response to criticism on the Andrew Marr Show :

We are not going to have the highest prices in Europe. That's absolute nonsense. The reality is that we have some of the lowest energy prices and we can get them even lower.

He continued with :

We've got to get off that oil and gas fuel hook. In the short run what we are trying to do is to encourage new companies into the market and more competition.

However, this is likely to prove difficult in the energy sector, which has incredibly high barriers to entry, so large companies with little competition will naturally rise. At least the rising popularity of comparison sites ought to help consumers to some extent.

British Gas, the largest energy supplier in the UK, are offering households a "forerunner to the Green Deal" with their opportunity to give access to energy efficiency technologies, such as insulation or smart metering to slash bills. However, they fail to mention that it is British Gas themselves who have caused much of the recent price increase, announcing an 18% price rise for gas customers and 16% for its electricity customers. No reference at all to their own increases was made in the announcement of their new Green Deal.