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Fat, Lazy, Environmental Heroes

So, you're sitting there, beer in one hand, TV remote in the other. You can barely be bothered with getting up to go to the fridge, so surely you're the last person on Earth who is going to be pro-active about saving the environment?

Absolutely correct!

However, what are the things you can do without moving from the sofa?

I'm going to guess that you have a mobile phone to hand. Use your chunky fingers to dial, for example, 08000845076 to get a few quotes for solar panels. I'm going to try to list a competitor's number in the interest of keeping this blog neutral: 0870138414 (definitely don't ring it).

Installing solar panels takes a lot less effort than getting up and going to the fridge. It certainly takes a lot less effort than going to work in someone else's armpit (on the train or bus, if you see what I mean).

The average solar panel system in the UK for a domestic property will save over 1,000 kg of carbon dioxide per annum. That takes up enough space to fill our small office 120 times, every year. How much effort is it to prevent all of this damage? Basically, none. There is no regular maintenance required. Replacing the inverter is sometimes necessary, but you won't be the person doing that - you can use your phone, and stay seated, munching chocolate in front of a movie.