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FIT Cuts Damage

Whilst increasing energy saving through forcing households to improve energy efficiency is a very good idea, it seems unfair that the whole burden of this process is put on households wanting to install solar panels. Even if these people are being paid to generate electricity with solar panels, from a carbon saving perspective, it makes no difference if a household using a normal electricity supplier or a household using electricity from solar panels is wasting electricity. Forcing households to get a C level EPC certification is just a way of the government restricting the cost of the FITs whilst appearing environmentally friendly on paper, before any research into the schemes is done. The fact that the FIT solar review has been fast-tracked, and combining this EPC requirement with the sudden drop in FITs is a death-sentence for the industry and will slash the currently rapid pace in developments of solar technology, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs in the long run of this form of renewable energy.

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