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Finding a Good Solar Panel Supplier

  • Tip 1 - Go with your gut feeling. You get feelings about people and companies for a reason - you should trust your instincts. If a company can offer a very low price, so good that it's hard to believe, then it probably isn't true, or there is something else that they're not telling you.
  • Tip 2 - Question the companies on their calculations. During the quote process, you ought to get given an estimate by the potential installers for how much your system would earn you back under the main grid. It is totally vital that this estimate takes into account your roof specifically, in terms of the way it faces and its angle. There is an official "SAP" calculation, which is the standard calculation for the earnings. Firstly, they ought to be able to do this, because it is a standard government-issued figure so you know that you aren't being told an over-optimistic calculation to try to get you to buy the panels. A further thing to bear in mind is that this calculation is known within the industry to tend to under-estimate earnings by about 20 to 40% depending on the geographic location of your property within the UK. The reason for this is that it assumes a fairly low number of average hours of sunlight per year, and it doesn't take your property's location into account at all. Therefore, ask if they can tell you what they reckon your system would generate given where it is located.
  • Tip 3 - Ask if the installer can provide any references of people for whom they've previously carried out work, and make sure to follow up on these details. If they get defensive, then it's certainly something to consider.
  • Tip 4 - Don't go with companies that use high pressure sales tactics. For example, some firms may try to force you to sign up to install solar panels on the day that they meet you at your property to give you the quote. You may hear various dubious reasons for this, but the real reason is that they are a substandard company and known that if you get a few more quotes, then you'll end up meeting someone with whom you get on much better because they're a more pleasant company, and you'll end up buying a solar energy system elsewhere.
  • Tip 5 - Take your time over the decision. Photovoltaic panels are a major investment, and buying them ought to be a carefully-considered process. It is really important that you don't just go on your first impulse. The quotes of most firms are valid for six months, so take your time over deciding.
  • Tip 6 - Make sure a guarantee is offered with the panels. The government scheme lasts for 25 years, and a lot of companies will be prepared to match this length of time.