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Green is the new Black - Solar Celebrities

I'm forever writing how solar panels are getting more and more popular. I start a lot of articles and blog entries that way. This article is on that topic - the springing up of solar panels on celebrity mansions!

Who's got them then?

First up on the list is Cate Blanchett. She has won Academy Awards, and now she's got solar panels on her Australian residence which is entirely off-grid. Indeed, along with her husband, she led the efforts to push the Sydney Theatre Company to get solar panels installed on its roof, as well as a rainwater collecting system.

Edward Norton, from Painted Veil and Kingdom of Heaven, established BP Solar Neighbors - a charity which donates a set of solar panels to a low income family every time a celebrity gets a solar panel installation. This has meant a large collection of celebrities have taken part. To name a few - Danny DeVito, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell and Jack Johnson. Was Tom Hanks thinking about new ways to save the environment when he ran across the country as Forest Gump? I like to think so.

Renewable energy has reached Pirates of the Caribbean too - Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, the two stars, are both investors in photovoltaic technology. Orlando is currently building a London home powered by the Sun, and Johnny Depp is taking it one step further - he owns an entire island in the Bahamas, which will be entirely powered by solar panels rather than the more traditional, but far less friendly, diesel generators.

After a bit more research, I could go on and on with celebrities who have gone green - Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Harrelson, and many more. This effect can only help embed the idea into society that solar panels are becoming cool, and they aren't some weird project that bearded men build in their sheds!