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Why is the UK drifting from Being Green?

As a company dealing with residential solar panels across the UK, we get a very good feel for how much demand there is on a national scale for solar panels, which are the principle renewable technology to be found on a residential scale. Currently, there is still a lot of demand. Have a look at the number of enquiries we've received on our website:

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It is important to consider that we started in the solar market after the Feed in Tariff had already been introduced. The dip in the graph is due to Christmas. Enquiries are dwindling slightly, and there is an increasing number of people asking about what will happen with the Feed in Tariff, who are made insecure by the chopping and changing of renewables policy - for example, the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive, which had major issues.

In 2008, the Climate Change Act was introduced, and, with it, the UK's renewable future looked bright. Right after the 2010 General Election, David Cameron declared that he wanted the coalition to be the "greenest government ever", although given politician's love of vague statements without figures, he then followed this with the aim of cutting emissions by 10% by the end of 2010, which was easily met and exceeded.

Source: The Telegraph

However, recent times have seen some worrying news. Firstly, the Sustainable Development Commission has been scrapped. Proponents argued that its advice on how to reduce pollution efficiently was worth many more times than the cost of running the service. Indeed, the environmental department has received the largest cuts following a tightening of government funding. Some recent policy suggestions feel almost Thatcherite in nature - the Department for Transport has announced that it may introduce 80mph speed limits on our motorways, and with them, a massive rise in pollution for the time savings of a few commuters - get up earlier!

Nick Clegg, following massive green support in the electorate, has been remarkably quiet on environmental issues, and Chris Huhne working for the DECC is having his footing pulled from under him. Politicians - sort it out! These U-turns in policy not only lead to insecurity for investors in green markets, but they mean we are now pointing directly at environmental disaster, presumably so a few politicians can gain a few votes from ever-cash-strapped voters.