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Could You Earn Money and Help the Environment With Your Old Phone?

We all hear a lot these days about carbon footprints and environmental efforts, but a lot of people don’t quite understand how much the process of reducing carbon emissions involves. Most people understand that spewing harmful gases into the air from exhaust and other sources is harmful to the environment, and because this isn’t something that the average person can do much to combat, it is common simply to shrug off the problem. This is why some people are confused when they hear where environmental efforts are coming from – for example, O2, the mobile service provider, has launched an environmental initiative aimed at persuading people to recycle old mobile phones, and many do not understand the benefits that this could have, as well as the fact that you get paid for doing so!

An old, used phone seems like a fairly useless object – it no longer gets service and it doesn’t appear to be harming anything, so it’s easy to simply leave it in a drawer and forget about it. However, recycling old phones can be very helpful toward reducing carbon emissions. Any time something needs to be manufactured, energy is used in the process, and more carbon dioxide is pumped into the atmosphere. Recycling old phones saves everything from materials to entire phones, thus reducing the need for additional production and conserving energy. This may seem small on an individual phone scale, but when you consider thousands and thousands of people recycling their phones, it really can make a substantial difference.

The sheer number of phones is startling. There are more than 40 million phones in the UK alone, and studies have shown that 88% of each phone's carbon footprint lies in its manufacturing process. A now rather old study showed that the eco efficiency of phones is improving:

However, with newer iPhones and Android Devices, the most common complaint about many of them is that the battery life is very short due, primarily, to their sheer processing power. Nearly every modern phone is over 10,000 times more powerful than the computers used during the first moon landing! This all means that the issue of recycling your phone is increasingly important. Go on, reach into your drawer and sell your old phone. I've got about three!