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Solar 3D Claims to Double Efficiency of Conventional PV-Cells

A newcomer in the solar industry, Solar3d, claims to sit on technology that will completely revolutionize the industry: Their solar cells will supposedly have double efficiency rates compared to your typical solar cell. Are they really onto something or is their technology just another hype-story?

Solar3D has made radical changes to the design of the solar cell. Here are the main differences and the benefits they come with:

Wide Angle Light Collection

The wide-angle feature of the solar cell will especially be beneficial when it comes to sunlight early and late in the day, as well as the winter when the sun’s trajectory is lower than usual. A typical solar cell that is rated with 17% efficiency actually performs at about 5% during the times mentioned above.

High Conversion Efficiency

Another important feature of Solar3D’s solar cell is that it uses specific microstructure to “trap” the sunlight, allowing us to extract more of its potential energy and convert it into electricity.

No Need for Tracking

Tracking systems that are designed to make solar panels follow the sun, thus increasing efficiency, will no longer be needed with the three-dimensional solar cells. This is another aspect that will further reduce the costs.

These are the three main benefits of Solar3D’s design, and is the foundation of what their simulation claims to be twice as effective as a typical conventional solar cell. Whether or not this turns out to be the efficiency rates in reality remains to see.

Another article very kindly written by Mathias from - a website packed full of information about renewable energy.