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Solar Panels on Dragons' Den

Last night's episode of Dragons' Den on BBC2 featured the usual array of ill-advised contestants turned away due to vague statistics or not being switched on when questioned on their ideas. Particularly amusing was a chap called Alan, trying to sell his 'Miruji health and well-being' system, which he said could cure obesity and fat would just melt away. The Dragons each had a go in the chair, which gave a massage accompanied with a soft female voice hypnotically attempting to convince the user that they were lying on a beach in front of a seven star hotel. Unsurprisingly, the heavily grounded in reality Dragons were not amused - Ms Devey actually screamed "I'm not amused, I'm angry. I'm OUT!" That was that for poor Alan.

However, the runaway success of the programme came in the form of Chris Hopkins, owner of Ploughcroft Solar. He set up his company 13 years ago. All of the Dragons loved his idea to make use of the Feed In Tariff, except for a rather irked Mr Jones. Indeed, the remaining Dragons got in a battle over who could invest the most in this project. The fight resulted in a joint investment from Theo and Deborah Meaden of £100,000 for a 12.5% stake each. Moving on from the show, Hopkins has already teamed up with a high street electrical company - Plumb - to provide his service to households in the North of England, and aims to open future plans across the UK to get more households to partake in the scheme, and more money for himself I'm sure!