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Renewable Energy Hits Windsor Castle

Water powered hydo-electric turbines are currently being placed in the River Thames, which will be used to provide renewable energy in order to power Windsor Castle this coming winter.

The close by river is soon to be housing two giant turbines, which are being lifted into place at Romney Weir by a crane leased by the Environment Agency.

Royal advisors have since revisited past plans to power the castle using renewable power feeling that now is a more suitable time.

The turbines will work by generating energy using the water current flowing in the river in order to produce and generate electricity.

David Dechambeau has said that the two new Archimedes Screw Turbines should be operational come November.

The Environment Agency has begun working in partnership with Windsor and Maidenhead Council in Berkshire investigating possible projects at a number of additional weirs including a location in Marlow. Progress is also currently being made at Oxfordshire weirs in Goring and Osney. Barry Russel, the leader from the Environment Agency’s hydro power project has said "This is a great opportunity for developers and community groups to get involved in generating clean, green electricity in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Weirs primary purpose up until now has been managing water levels for flood risk management and navigation, however are now playing a part in Britain's renewable energy sector as new technology becomes available.

The energy generating potential of river weirs have been up until now an unutilised source for generating energy in combination with hydro technologies, which the Environment Agency would like to see play a greater role in generating the energy we use.

A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace has said “I can confirm that the Royal household now has an agreement in place to purchase the energy generated by the hydro scheme, implemented by SEPEL.”

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