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Solar - The Ultimate Renewable Weapon?

It's Friday, so I thought I'd write something a bit different. Are solar panels the ultimate weapon?

Let's start by considering general renewable energy weaponry first of all. First up in this arsenal is water. How can it be used as a weapon? Poisoning it. One of the most famous people in history who was afraid of his water killing him was Mithridates VI, King of Pontius - an ancient state of northern Anatolia. He lived in constant fear that this was how he'd meet his end, so much so that he became an early pioneer searching continuously for a cure for poisons. He actually went so far as to test poisons on criminals who were facing execution to see if his anecdotes were successful! Then he took it one step further, and started micro-dosing himself with poison, to make himself immune to as many poisons as possible.

Wind is another potential weapon (ha ha). We aren't yet able to control hurricanes, so how can this be used to maim? Air guns represent the oldest pneumatic technology - the first ever air gun was a bellows gun dating back to the 16th century, which would compress air to fire a metallic projectile. The first time these were introduced into battle was with the Girandoni Military Repeating Air Rifle, when they had distinct advantages over the other weapons available at that time - they worked in wet weather, and it didn't take long to fire repeated shots compared to the long reloading period of muzzle-loading guns. They had a muzzle velocity of 650 to 1,000 feet per second, so weren't quite as powerful, but they were more reliable and they didn't give off smoke thus could be used without giving away the user's position.

And now it's onto our special topic - solar power. Can this provide the ultimate in renewable weaponry? James Bond, in 'The Man with the Golden Gun', had to prevent a "Solex Agitator" from falling into the hands of his nemesis Francisco Scaramanga - a satellite that could focus solar energy and direct a powerful laser beam to destroy cities, in an environmentally friendly fashion. This certainly would be possible, but would cost a fortune and nothing like this currently exists. But, in any case, I think solar is the ultimate renewable weapon.