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Top 4 Ways to Cut Carbon

1 - Change your light-bulbs

Whilst this isn't an exciting start to the list, swapping your lightbulbs can make a huge difference. Low-energy bulbs last about 12 times longer than conventional ones, and each bulb you swap for an eco bulb will save £9 and 40kg of CO2 emissions each year. If every household in the UK did this with 15 bulbs, it'd save the equivalent of 5 power stations' output.

2 - Insulate, insulate, insulate!

The amount of energy lost through the walls and roofs of British homes would be sufficient to heat three million houses. 25% of this heat loss is through roofs. Installing sufficient loft insulation saves about £240 annually, along with 1,000kg of CO2 emissions. There are government grants in the UK to help with this - all households regardless of personal circumstances are eligible for a 40% grant at least, and with many it's 100%.

3 - Is your boiler heating more than hot water?

Old boilers, almost without exception, are very inefficient - you'll be spending money to heat up the environment. Non-condensing boilers waste 40% of the heat generated, compared to modern boilers which have to be condensing, and save 30% of the energy required, equating to a further 1,000kg potential CO2 savings per year. That's a lot over the lifespan of a boiler.

4 - Recycling, it matters

The majority of households in the UK now have collections from your doorstep of materials for recycling. Indeed, in some areas, you can be fined if you don't recycle. Sort your rubbish out carefully - if the average household recycled 10% more, they'd cut CO2 by 90kg per year. Don't overlook second hand charity shops either - re-using goods takes a lot less energy that producing more.