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Unusual Ways To Save Energy - Guest Blog Entry

With the ever increasing cost of water, gas and electricity homeowners are becoming more aware of the importance of limiting their energy usage. Here are some ways to help reduce bills by saving energy in ways you probably haven't thought of!

Spend family time together - Rather than the kids going to their rooms to play on games consoles or listen to music, why not get together once or twice a week and only watch just one television. Do this for a whole year and you will be amazed at the cost saving.

Exchange heat – Install an energy efficient heat exchange system to your central heating. These work by allowing the outgoing air to warm the incoming air. This is a great system for reducing the amount of energy required by the rest of the system.

Restrict Water – Install flow restrictors to all taps and add a water efficient shower head. These work by aerating the water coming out of the tap without reducing water pressure. For more expensive methods of saving water install a small sized bath which only hold around 110 litres of water rather than the normal 180 litres.

Cooking – Be sure to keep lids on pots and pans. This will help keep the heat where it is needed and therefore reduce cooking times somewhat. Additionally use the appropriate sized pan for what you are cooking. There`s no point using a stock pot and a bucket of water to boil an egg

Unused fireplace – Modern homeowners tend to use the central heating system to heat their home. As such why not plug the flue with insulation to prevent heat literally rushing out the chimney. Just remember to remove it before lighting a fire.

Insulate windows - During winter months use thick curtains to prevent heat loss through the glass. Another option but more expensive is to install insulated window shutters to the property.

Insulate your garage door - The opening to a garage is essentially are large void in the buildings structure that can leave heat and money rushing out of. Installing a high performance energy saving insulated roller garage door or sectional garage door can dramatically reduce heating bills

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