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Solar to Reach Grid Parity?

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Solar Panel Prices Comparison Service! Or just a bit of advice...

This is a totally free way to compare solar panel prices. Get solar panels for your home - we let you know how they work, whether or not your property is suitable for solar power, what the Feed in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive are, what free solar panel schemes and grants are available, how the Feed in Tariff works and the answers to some frequently-asked questions about getting a system installed. We can also offer non-residential, commercial quotes too.

To compare quotes now, just fill out the form at the top of this page and we'll provide you with an instant free quote from companies local to you - it's really that easy!

The Feed in Tariff

Feed In TariffThis government scheme applies to photovoltaic (electricity generating) solar panels. It means that you get paid for each unit of electricity that you generate using solar power but don't use, since it will automatically get sold back to the main grid.

This means PV panels will earn on average between £850 and £1,500 per year, tax free and guaranteed (by the government) for 25 years.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat IncentiveThe Renewable Heat Incentive is to go ahead from September onwards, and applies to thermal (hot-water generating) panels at an expected rate of 18p per unit generated. This means the approximate annual earnings through this scheme are £450, guaranteed for 20 years.

The advantage is that thermal systems are a smaller investment. There are also thermal panel grants available, up to £300.

Solar Panels Price Comparison

We have a database of companies that covers the whole of the UK, which means that we can get you a price comparison wherever you live from up to four companies. This is a free service and is no obligation. The systems do cost a few thousand pounds for supply and fit, but the returns are much greater (they repay the original cost on average over 9 years, and you will receive payments for 20-25 years), so it is worth comparing several companies to get the best price possible. You wouldn't buy the first car you saw on the market, so don't buy solar panels without researching several companies either! Click here to get instant, free solar panel quotes.

Types of Solar Panels

Types of Solar SystemsThere are two types of solar panels. Photovoltaic panels generate electricity, whereas thermal solar panels generate hot water. You can find out about the government grants available for both kinds of solar power too.

Solar Power for Your Home or Your Business

Solar Panels for Home or BusinessSolar panel installation for your home is a very viable way for you to make a lot of profit; the government schemes in the UK mean solar panels will repay their price within about 10 years on average, and the schemes for electricity panels pay for 25 years, earning thousands of pounds of profit. Getting a solar energy system installed on your roof only requires 3 to 4 square metres of unshaded space, and your roof does not need to be directly south facing. Find out how much it would cost to go green and install solar panels for homes! Home solar is something you'll be able to be smug about once you find out how much you can make from them, as well as saving the environment. This website mainly concentrates on residential solar panels for your home, but we can also provide solar panels for commercial projects too.